About us

About us

Freight Forwarding Company «Aviastar Petersburg» was founded in 2005.

Our mission is to allow our customers to focus on their businesses by making the transportation of their goods easy, fast, and dependable.

We have direct agent agreements with leading airlines such as:

- «Россия»

- «Аэрофлот»

- «Центр-Юг»

- «ВимАвиа»

- «Таймыр»

- «НордАвиа-РА»

- «Трансаэро»

- «Ак Барс Аэро»

- «ЮТэйр»

- «Псковавиа»

- «МАУ»

- «Emirates Airlines»

- «British Airways»

- «Turkish Airlines»

- «Airbaltic»

- «Lufthansa»

- «Air Canada»

- «Singapore Airlines»

- «Air France»

- «KLM»

- «Korean Air»

- «SAS»

- «China Airlines»

- «Austrian Airlines»

Экспресс-транспортная компания

We offer a wide range of additional services that are essential to carry out international shipments: freight forwarding, customs clearance, insurance and the processing of required shipping documents.

We carefully plan logistics process to provide our customers with the best combination of price and quality.

You always can contact our staff for professional advice and we will offer the most convenient way to deliver your goods.